Alison Ramirez

Luxury Travel Advisor

Alison Ramirez

Alison is passionate about booking all types of travel but especially has fun with milestone celebration trips. She specializes in the Wellness and Family Travel market. Alison knows all the details about traveling with small children—which she has plenty of opportunity to test out on her own 5-year-old son, Julien and her baby girl, Amelie.

Alison has a marketing and business background, and her most recent travels have taken her to her native Costa Rica and to Colombia, the UK and Germany. When she’s not putting together adventures for her clients, Alison loves spending time with her family, trying new restaurants, and exploring more of Arizona where she recently moved to. 

Richard and his staff have been instrumental in the successful planning of all of our international family trips over the past several years. With 2 young children, it was essential that the trip itineraries included not only family oriented excursions/logistics...

Oliver Kim, Inverness, IL