Richard Engle has taken the travel industry and a select worldwide clientele by storm with compelling and immersive experiences. Throughout the years, Richard has evolved the way travel should be by empowering individuals to explore off the beaten path destinations and challenging them to see their journey in an authentic light. Richard’s ability to develop fresh ideas and keep up with the latest travel trends enables his clients to see the world in a way never imagined.  
His story began on a cultural exchange trip in Peru where Richard saw the beauty of the unfamiliar. A year later, he was knocking on the door of a neighborhood agency where he began handwriting airline tickets after just two days on the job. Soon he became the agency owner and grew the business to have a strong presence in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. He later decided to reinvent himself in the height of the tech boom, at a time when most thought the internet to be threatening. As always, Richard saw things differently, and now, not limited to his geographical location, worked alongside technology to connect with people all around the globe.  
His mission for the existential travel experience is what sets Richard Engle apart from the rest. He takes pride in valuing the relationships of all his travelers and getting to know the intimate preferences of each person. His passion, determination, and ongoing exploration lead him to create itineraries that offer life changing memories.

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If Richard Engle were running for office, he’d win in a landslide—everyone at Micato Safaris is crazy about him.Luckily for us, he’s not a politician but a top-notch, top-producing luxury travel advisor. His areas of expertise dovetail perfectly with our...

Dennis Pinto, Managing Director at Micato Safaris