It’s what you enjoy doing with someone or a group of like-minded travelers. We specialize in taking all the ideas and possibilities and creating one spectacular trip! 
Is it time to plan your multi-generational family reunion in a countryside villa?
Perhaps you and your foodie friends can’t wait to taste and cook their way through one region after the other.
And finally getting away to that spa retreat with your girlfriends sounds relaxing, doesn’t it?  
A journey shared is a journey enriched. We have hundreds of options. What would YOU like to share?
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If Richard Engle were running for office, he’d win in a landslide—everyone at Micato Safaris is crazy about him.Luckily for us, he’s not a politician but a top-notch, top-producing luxury travel advisor. His areas of expertise dovetail perfectly with our...

Dennis Pinto, Managing Director at Micato Safaris