What comes to mind when you hear the word “exotic”? For most of us, it’s a far away place with a strange sounding name, such as Bhutan, Botswana, Barrier Reef, Bering Strait, Bora Bora.

“Exotic” can also be closer to home, such as British Colombia, Brush Creek Luxury Ranch, Blackberry Farm or the Biltmore. Exotic can be anywhere you’ve never been as long as the destination suggests elements of intrigue and anticipation! Our combined personal travel experiences have taken us around the world, and will enlighten your trip planning with us.

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If Richard Engle were running for office, he’d win in a landslide—everyone at Micato Safaris is crazy about him.Luckily for us, he’s not a politician but a top-notch, top-producing luxury travel advisor. His areas of expertise dovetail perfectly with our...

Dennis Pinto, Managing Director at Micato Safaris