From the annual family escape to the milestone birthday, from the guys’ getaway, to seeking your once in a lifetime something. Or maybe it’s your routine travel style. Our travelers have access to the ultimate in curated experiences that travel around regions on private planes, sleek yachts, and the finest vehicles. Be met at the plane door to smooth the arrivals process and spend time with locals who are trained to showcase their destinations in unique and immersive ways. See the “famous places of the world”, typically jammed with tourists….on a private basis where you’re alone with Da Vinci or Van Gogh or the wilderness or the top of the building. Our “the Sky’s the Limit” approach to travel isn’t all that googleable—it’s off the grid….and it’s all yours.

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If Richard Engle were running for office, he’d win in a landslide—everyone at Micato Safaris is crazy about him.Luckily for us, he’s not a politician but a top-notch, top-producing luxury travel advisor. His areas of expertise dovetail perfectly with our...

Dennis Pinto, Managing Director at Micato Safaris