From the desk of Richard Engle

From the desk of Richard Engle

While we encourage you all to do what WE are doing (practice social distance and more or less cocoon at home) we are all dreaming that this nightmare that has befallen us will eventually be over…and when that happens, we’ll all be itching go GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!!

As our trusting and loyal clients, you’re used to our plans for you in….the Old Country, Down Under, on the Dark Continent and on the White Continent….in South America and Southeast Asia, from St Petersburg to Queenstown, from Cape Town to Oslo and everywhere in between……but when you take your first getaways after QUARANTINE….to 3-4 night adventures within driving distance of home, please ask us to plan your experience. L.A.customers—invite us to ship you to Indian Wells, to Santa Barbara, to Las Vegas, to Cabo…..Bay area people, let us send you up to Napa, down to Half Moon and over to Jackson Hole. We’d like to take care of our East Coast folks in the Berkshires, the Hamptons, New England and to funky little inns outside of Washington and Boston and New York. And we have great little jaunts in mind for our Midwest and south-east based friends as well….the point is….get in touch with US. We will always enhance the stay and give it our personal touch. And then we’ll be here too when you’re ready to take your explorations further afield throughout the exotic lands of North America….and beyond. Keep us in the loop; keep us FIRST on your travel SPEED DIAL, involve us in your plans—we always know ways to make it all more enticing.

Throughout the past twelve or so years, we have grown our little travel business by leaps and bounds. We have at least a hundred projects that have been simmering on the back burners, some literally for years, because we’ve always had more client work than we can keep up with….and now we’re getting to those waiting tasks—we’re spending time educating ourselves, sharing ideas for new experiences with our colleagues around the world, finding new, off the beaten path locales to promote to our client base and plotting strategies to diminish travel stress by keeping our clients out of oppressive crowds around the world. Once the veil has lifted and we’re all ready to brave the airport again…..the four of us will have plenty of new products to share with you.

So even if you’re planning nothing specific right now, stay in touch with us and share with us some of your travel dreams. Travel is our business, but it’s also our way of life—it’s in our blood and our DNA, we love it…and we really love sharing it with YOU.

Richard and his staff have been instrumental in the successful planning of all of our international family trips over the past several years. With 2 young children, it was essential that the trip itineraries included not only family oriented excursions/logistics...

Oliver Kim, Inverness, IL